About Us 


As a child I loved art it was my passion.

Leaving school art, design and technology was my future.

Living in London during my early twenties gave me the opportunity to develop these skills through different types of employment.

Now mother of three children and having enjoyed raising my children during their pre school years, I am now ready to put my artistic flair back into my life.

Grazable will be my showcase! I have built and designed the website.

My enjoyment of photography enabled me to capture the essence of our food and designing the boxes and platters has brought the food to life. I hope you will all enjoy this journey with me.

Kerry x


Mother to three grown up sons and grandmother to six amazing grandchildren. Born and bred in Ireland I have fond memories of my childhood days baking with my mother, this is where my food story began.


Today sitting with my family and enjoying food, drink and conversation is the best place in the world to be.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing people appreciate food and feel content.

I have dedicated years to the transport industry. Part of this career was spent driving a tour coach to many of Europe's finest destinations. During this period the delights of French cheese, Italian meats and the abundance of fresh fruit and veg became a daily joy.


Last March this privilege was taken away as travel was restricted.
Without further a do I started to look at what artisan food was available in this country. Something that I never did in the past. I accepted France was the place to look for cheese and Italy / Spain the best producer of cured meats.


I was amazed at the local produce available right on our door step from cheeses to cured meats to fresh fruit and veg.


I wanted to share these amazing finds with people that appreciate organic flavoursome food created by the best of British producers.


Already being a local business women supporting British business  where possible has never been more important to me.

From this passion GRAZABLE was born.


Helen x